Housewarming. No Budget? No problem!

So, a while ago I mentioned that I moved, and was attempting planning a house-warming thing. Being in the dead-middle of the month, there is absolutely NO budget that I could put into it – yikes!

On top of that, the only person who I really know who will be there is my sister. So now we’re a bunch of people who don’t know each other and don’t really have anything in common yet. AWKWARD! But – that’s why I’m writing this – there are plenty of ways to break the ice, if you’ll stop freaking out about how awkward it might be, and start thinking about – just for one night – having some fun.

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So, I’ve been pondering, and thinking, and pondering, and breaking my brain as to how I can host a really nice gathering with literally no spare cash. The short answer – get creative! Also, look at what you ALREADY have.

Some things everybody can find common ground on – movies! (also, work, life, the need to breathe, and speaking the same language.) Yes I know these are mundane, but stick with me here – there’s a plan. I won’t say music, because although I love music, not everybody does. On top of that there are so many different styles and genres, and sometimes people tend to clash. I’m not looking for potential conflict here.

The thing about movies is, whether you enjoyed it or not, you can discuss it afterwards and get to know each other better by discussing views on what happened, like,  “if you were in that situation, how would  you react?” Set up some questions before hand to discuss. Fun ones too! Say you were watching Avengers – a fun question would be – “Which Avenger do you think you’re most likely to be?” or “If you could be an Avenger, what would your super power be?” Another nice thing about movies is that traditionally they are accompanied by popcorn – and I happen to have some lying in the cupboard waiting for an opportunity to shine.

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Why I was going on about language earlier is that – another thing I happen to have lying in a cupboard – is a lot of board games. 30 Seconds, Pictionary, Chess, Poker, Dominoes, Trivial Pursuit, etc. Don’t ask me how I ended up with all of them, I just did. So I figured Picionary would be a fun thing to do as well. Okay, okay, aren’t we jumping through a lot of random activities here? YES! But, it’s not a bad thing. I figured if we have a “set programme” of things to do that require no preference/specific interest, everyone will be drawn to participate.

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Oh and one more thing – an actual ice-breaker that’s been a favourite of ours for many years – “Questions and Answers.” This has never, ever failed. Here’s how it works:

First off, you’ll need some paper and pens. We usually just take a few blank pages and cut them to size. A5 is nice because everyone has different handwriting.

Make two teams (or how many ever you need, but keep it even.)

Round one:

Each team gets 10 sheets of paper, and a pen. Number the papers 1 – 10.

Team A writes questions – any questions (depending on your crowd you might want to state that they should exclude personal, and crude questions)

So things like – what was dinner last night? How far is the moon away from the earth? Do aliens exist? What is the best car in the word? Really anything that’s an appropriate question. (Please don’t ask “did you know Jenny has been seeing John secretly after work” – that’s inappropriate and will lead straight to awkward. )

Team B writes answers. Anything. “Yes.” “Spaghetti.” “Michelangelo’s last painting.” “Down the road.” “Tigers” – whatever they think will be an answer to whatever questions the other team will ask.

Round finishes (you decide – five minutes, 30 seconds? up to you.)

Then all the papers are gathered and read out loud. Question 1 – Answer 1. Question 2-Answer 2. You tend to end up with things like “How far is the moon away from the earth? Down the road.”

Round 2:

In the next round, Team B writes questions, and team A writes answers. When the round is finished they are gathered, and read out again. Play as many rounds as you feel like, and enjoy laughing until your muscles hurt.

One final thing (okay, 2 things) I thought would be a nice touch – an invitation. And since we live in the digital day and age – it will only cost a little bit of time – to make a pretty “You are invited – Housewarming! Movie, Boardgames, fun! We’ll supply coffee (also something I have – coffee and sugar ) and popcorn!” Poster, and then Whatsapp them to the potential guests.

The second final thing – also something I learned from my socialite sister – is a thank-you gift. I know the point here was to cost nothing. So, since I also happen to have some craft beads and the like – I’ll make each one a key-chain out of whats in my bead box at current. A key-chain as a thank-you gift for a house warming – quite appropriate I think.

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So, things I’ll need for my housewarming:

Pens, Paper

A movie machine (laptop will do, we’re a small group of people – just set it in the right place) – and some pre-thought out questions about the movie to ask afterwards. Great questions can be found (for any humans) here, and (specifically movie related) here.


Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Milk


Invitation – won’t take long to make but will cost nothing.

Key-chains as thank-you gifts for guests. (Since I already have everything needed for that, it will also only cost time.)

So, there you have it. A whole house warming gathering plan – costing nothing more than what’s already at my disposal. I really hope this gives you guys some ideas. Remember – when you’re out of options – Get Creative! (Also, there’s nothing wrong with going “I’ll supply the entertainment – you bring a snack!”)

I’ll let you guys know how it turned out.

Signing off for now. REX


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